Nail or Nail Dye Is Used to Beautify the Look of Nails.

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Nail or nail dye is used to beautify the look of nails.

beautify the look of nails – In order to get the desired nail look with nail polish, nails should be cleaned and trimmed first. In addition, there are some things that must be considered, especially how to apply the right nail polish for coloring can be neat.

For that, Nathalia Karakhati from General Manager of C’s Nail Academy gave the right application step tip for a neat coloring result, as follows:

Base Coat
For the first stage, apply a base coat that aims to avoid the negative effects of the nail polish, and so that the nail polish lasts longer.

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Stain with Nail Polish (Nail Polish)
There are some things that you need to pay attention to to avoid mistakes when staining and get results that do not match the desire.

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Here’s what to note:

1. How to apply polish starting from the center of the nail to the tip of the nail on the first polishing, then the second polishing begins from the base of the nail (but give a distance of 0.5 mm) to the tip of the nail, to look neat and not full, but all of it tailored to your liking .

2. Apply the polish in a unidirectional way so that the result is more neat and not too thick, and to avoid clumping as well.

3. Finishing nail polish should be at most only two times the application, so the result is not too thick, because it can make the nail polish quickly peeled and the result is not natural.

4. Give the distance between the nails are also very helpful when the application polish. Can by using special foam or with cotton ball. This method to avoid nail touching each other, thus making the nail polish stick to the other nails.

5. After dry nail polish, apply top coat for more glossy color and more durable nail color.

6. Let the nail dry for a few minutes for maximum results and the nail polish does not fall apart. Or you can reapply ‘dry ice’, a liquid that can speed up the drying of the nail.

7. In order not to apply too much nail polish, you can add a top coat every 3 days to prevent broken nails.

By paying attention to the stages of the right nail application, Nathalia sure nuteks can last up to 1 week. “But, it also depends on the activity of the wearer.If too often touch with the hand, automatic nail polish will peel faster,” said Nathalia.

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