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Digital Dozen from acrylic paint nail art ,

Nail Art Designs – Nail Art or art decorate nails is nothing new for the women, particularly modern women living in the big city. First Lady beautifying nails by using Nail Polish/kuteks, however, has in recent years become a favorite nail art, the women.
The art of decorating nails nail making aims seem more interesting even artful. Just look at the example of nail art in the original image and the image below. Actually use various techniques of ornamental nails, and indeed intended for art.
However, for everyday, we don’t need to wear nail art scene like the 2 previous image. Simple nail art we can do alone at home, with kuteks/Nail Polish, nail stickers, swarovski, special nails, glue fake nails special Nail Polish, and already shaped like a drawing pen. Lastly, do not forget to prepare the top coat to get the more durable.
When you find difficulties in letting their nails, so not a problem anymore because it’s been a lot of false nails can reply formed according to our wants and needs. If you’re still afraid to experiment with your own nails, use fake nails also it could be an alternative. We stay diligent-diligent mengkreasikan kuteks, sworovski stickers, and t-shirts to decorate your nails in order to look beautiful.
Some of the popular nail art techniques and can try is:
1. Drawing
2. Sticker
3. Swarovski French
4. Mix

The purpose of this activity is actually for fashion and beauty, as we know that the woman is very fond of sentient air-exploration with his body, well one of the sections of the body that are sometimes less noted but wonderful if decorated are nails, somehow when that little fingernails are decorated and adorned, the confidence a woman will definitely increase, Nail Art Designs


1. NAIL POLISH-for beginners can start buying nail polish. Select a base color such as pink, red, and dark red. Because colors like this will often be used. Regular nail polish like Blink or Skinfood Branded nail polish like OPI OPI min. Version provides Remember OPI original Mini sold in the form of set (colors can not select). Each set has a unique full color packaging and pretty …

2. BASE COAT/TOP COAT/REMOVER-make it a habit to use a base coat before the use kuteks. Base coat serves to protect the surface of the nail so that it is not brittle. At the end of a lightly coat it with top coat, so that results of nail polish more durable. Always provide Your Home kuteks remover. Avoid deleting kuteks scraped way or allowed to peel yourself. Remover kuteks now available with affordable prices such as brands of Blink, Ichigo Wash Nail, and Revlon.

3. NAIL FILE & TOOLS-other than nail clippers, nail file is also mandatory equipment owned. Make it a habit to file the nail surface after cutting the nails. In order to keep the nail surface pore the end nail nail-cutting after the process closed. The nails are open source pemyebab is dry and brittle nails at the ends.
4. NAIL ART TIME-to produce a work of nail art needed skill and patience. Ask yourself. If you are the type of person who likes to work on handmade? or are you the type of person who likes practical? When the are you sure you like handmade could try BLINK Stamping Nail Art supplies, while the practical type can wear nail art sticker.

5. QUICK FIX-Nail polish dijari already on cracking and dull? But there was a surprise party in the afternoon? You can use glitter or shatter nail polish to Polish kuteks long. Direct polish to the surface glitter stack nails. When wearing the shatter, shatter select colored contrast of basic colors.


How to “paint” the nail so it looks beautiful:
1. Before you start polishing your nails, clean nails with pastkan the terkikir.
2. Select the appropriate nail art motif with makeup, clothing and accessories that you wear. There are various nail art motifs that you can select, from flowers, fauna, forms and so forth. Use a special brush lets you paint these motifs.
3. clean the nail and you have selected the desired motif. Now it’s time to paint your nails are beautiful. First, lightly coat your nails with the first base coat nail so that it is protected from the effects of yellow that usually ditimbukan by the nail, then apply the dye kuteks with your desired color and dry it beforehand. After that, only then can you be his match as you want. Don’t forget to mengoleska top coat after everything dries to make it look shiny.
4. You can also decorate them with small beads, sticker funny or water brush. But the painting nails is the main art because you are required to focus on your job cosmetic nails.
5. If you are not confident enough to paint your nails yourself, you can use fake nails. Don’t forget to adjust the size of the nail with the nail of your original.
6. In order to make this work you nail art can last longer, apply a top coat every 3 days.

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